Life Sciences - Mycology Books

Mushrooms Demystified

David Arora


Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast: A Comprehensive Guide to the...

Christian Schwarz and Noah Siegel


Blight: Fungi and the Coming Pandemic

Emily Monosson


The Little Book of Mushrooms: An Illustrated Guide to the...

Alex Dorr and Sara Richard


Fungipedia: A Brief Compendium of Mushroom Lore

Lawrence Millman and Amy Jean Porter


Mushrooming: An Illustrated Guide to the Fantastic,...

Diane Borsato and Kelsey Oseid


A Field Guide to the Mushrooms of Georgia

Arleen R. Bessette, Michael W. Hopping, et al.


Urban Lichens: A Field Guide for Northeastern North America

Jessica L. Allen, James C. Lendemer, et al.


Mushrooms: A Natural and Cultural History

Nicholas P. Money


Mushrooms: An Illustrated Field Guide

Niko Summers and Jared Lee


The Deck of Mushrooms: An Illustrated Field Guide to...

Sapphire McMullan-Fisher


The Beginner's Guide to Mushrooms: Everything You Need to...

Britt Bunyard and Tavis Lynch