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Wishlists & Registries

With wishlists and registries you can create, save and share book and gift recommendations for any occasion!

You can even support your favorite booksellers by linking your shared wishlists and registries to any of Bookshop.org’s partner bookstores and affiliates.

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  • Save books you want to purchase later.
  • Organize your to-read/purchase pile any way you'd like!
  • Easily share reading lists with family, friends, or book clubs.

Visit our wishlist page to create a new list, or review existing lists.

You can add books to a list by clicking "Add to Wishlist" on any product page. (You can also create a new list directly from here.)

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  • Whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, or wedding, you can use registries for any event that might require gift recommendations.
  • Teachers can use registries to request and receive books to help start or fill out their classroom libraries.

Any wishlist can be made into a registry by checking the box "This Wishlist is a Registry" in that wishlist's settings.

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This allows you to assign a private shipping address to your list, and set desired quantities of books. When items are purchased, they will be removed from the list and shipped to the address listed.

Once a registry is created, you can add books just as you would with a wishlist.

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Manage your Wishlist and Registries Here!

Still have wishlist and registry questions? Visit our FAQ

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