LGBTQ+ Nonfiction Books

All about Love: New Visions

Bell Hooks


Who's Afraid of Gender?

Judith Butler


Gender Queer: A Memoir

Maia Kobabe


Safe and Sound: A Renter-Friendly Guide to Home Repair

Mercury Stardust


And Tango Makes Three

Peter Parnell, Justin Richardson, et al.


Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag

Rob Sanders and Steven Salerno


Hijab Butch Blues: A Memoir

Lamya H


In the Dream House: A Memoir

Carmen Maria Machado


Queer Power Couples: On Love and Possibility

Hannah Murphy Winter


A Short History of Trans Misogyny

Jules Gill-Peterson


Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches

Audre Lorde


A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities

Mady G and Jules Zuckerberg


Being You: A First Conversation about Gender

Jessica Ralli, Megan Madison, et al.


Together: A First Conversation about Love

Jessica Ralli, Megan Madison, et al.