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As of March 2023, The American Bookseller Association is switching from IndieBound buy buttons to

This switch helps consumers, publishers, and authors support independent bookstores when linking to or buying books online.

Why the Switch?

Storefront bookstore with the logo on the roof has proven to be over 10x more effective at selling books and generating revenue for booksellers.

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Switching from IndieBound to buttons helps eliminate consumer confusion thanks to a simpler purchase flow and higher conversion rate

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Since the launch of in January 2020, independent bookstores have earned over $25 million on the platform.

All existing IndieBound links now automatically redirect to

In the future, use links where you would have used an IndieBound link (to promote or recommend a book, product pages on publisher websites, social media links, etc).

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Red Share Icon Buy Buttons

For use on any website. No code or affiliate account needed! Simply copy the button and use with a Bookshop link.

Example of a Buy Button
Example of a Buy Button
Example of a Buy Button now has over two million customers and, according to’s customer research, 78% of them used to buy their books from Amazon when they shopped online and now support the indie channel via is a benefit corporation, dedicated to the public good, and a “Best for the World” B-Corp ranked in the top 5% of companies promoting social good.

We have independent booksellers on our board of directors, a 20 member bookseller advisory board, and are partially owned by the American Bookseller Association. It’s our mission to support independent bookstores and help them compete against Amazon and other large online retailers.

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If you are a bookseller, publisher, or author with more questions, email us!

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