Life Sciences - Zoology - Entomology Books

Raising Resilient Bees: Heritage Techniques to Mitigate...

Joy McEwen and Eric McEwen


What a Bee Knows: Exploring the Thoughts, Memories, and...

Stephen L. Buchmann


The Beekeeper's Handbook

Alphonse Avitabile and Diana Sammataro


Insects of North America

Kendra K. Abbott and John C. Abbott


Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know

Alexandra Horowitz


Bees of the World: A Guide to Every Family

Laurence Packer


Honeybee Democracy

Thomas D. Seeley


Common Bees of Western North America

Olivia Messinger Carril and Joseph S. Wilson


Honey Bee Biology

Brian R. Johnson


Field Guide to California Insects: Second Edition Volume 111...

Jerry A Powell, Kip Will, et al.



Ashley Gish


Field Guide to the Common Bees of California: Including Bees...

Gretchen Lebuhn and Noel Badges Pugh


Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive

Mark L. Winston


Ants: Workers of the World

Eleanor Spicer Rice