Instruction & Study - Appreciation

Nina Simone's Gum

Warren Ellis


Year of Wonder: Classical Music to Enjoy Day by Day

Clemency Burton-Hill


In Defense of Ska

Aaron Carnes


Mad Love: An Introduction to Opera

Vivien Schweitzer


The Piano: A History in 100 Pieces

Susan Tomes


Music, the Brain, and Ecstasy: How Music Captures Our...

R Jourdain and Robert Jourdain


Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain

Oliver Sacks


Deep Listening: A Composer's Sound Practice

Pauline Oliveros


The Psychology of Music: A Very Short Introduction

Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis


Ways of Hearing

Damon Krukowski


The Ukulele Handbook

Gavin Pretor-Pinney and Tom Hodgkinson


African Imagination in Music P

Kofi Agawu