The Inferno



The Poetic Edda


Dante: Poet of the Secular World

Erich Auerbach


The Key to the Name of the Rose: Including Translations of...

Adele J. Haft, Robert J. White, et al.


The Discarded Image (Canto Classics)

C. S. Lewis


Silence: A Thirteenth-Century French Romance

Sarah Roche-Mahdi


Chaucer: A European Life

Marion Turner


Introduction to Manuscript Studies

Raymond Clemens and Timothy Graham


The Devil's Historians: How Modern Extremists Abuse the...

Amy Kaufman and Paul Sturtevant


Parzival: A Romance of the Middle Ages

Wolfram Von Eschenbach


Introductory Papers on Dante

Dorothy L. Sayers and Barbara Reynolds


How the Classics Made Shakespeare

Jonathan Bate