Sports & Recreation - Skateboarding

EllRay Jakes and the Beanstalk

Sally Warner and Brian Biggs



Daniel Wiseman and Anne Bustard


Strange Boarders

Jake Maddox and Berenice Muniz


Last Man Out

Mike Lupica


Now and at the Hour

Bess Kercher


Longboard Letdown

Jake Maddox and Katie Wood


Board Battle

Jake Maddox and Jesus Aburto Martinez


Board Rebel

Jake Maddox and Sean Tiffany



Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott


Skateboard Sibby

Clare O'Connor


The Extreme Team: Skateboard Moves

Matt Christopher and David Leonard


Skateboard Struggle

Jake Maddox and Sean Tiffany


Skateboarding Animals Alphabet

Rex Flodstrom


Skate This Way! (Shimmer and Shine) [With Audio CD]

Random House and Dave Aikins


The Bondi Finz Book Two: Shark Frog

S. J. House and Zlaticanin Zoran


Skateboard Idol

Jake Maddox



Blake A. Hoena and Leonardo Ito


On the Move

K. V. Flynn


Nanook the Penguin

Marlow Counter and Evelyn Hilmer


The Sinkhole

Brad V. Cowan



Matthew K. Manning and Leonardo Ito


Tunnel Vision

Brandon Terrell and Leonardo Ito


Trouble at Camp Turnabout Creek

Brenda K. Hendricks