Music - Jazz

Discovering Stem at the Restaurant

Sarah Machajewski


Growing Vegetables

Louella Bath


Welcome to Jazz: A Swing-Along Celebration of America's...

Carolyn Sloan and Jessica Gibson


This Jazz Man

Karen Ehrhardt and R. G. Roth


Ella Fitzgerald

Stephane Ollivier and Remi Courgeon


Ray Charles

Stephane Ollivier and Remi Courgeon


Billie Holiday

Jr. Earle Rice



Aaron Carr


El Jazz (Jazz)

Aaron Carr


Bird & Diz

Gary Golio and Ed Young


Ella Fitzgerald: The Tale of a Vocal Virtuosa

Andrea Pinkney and Brian Pinkney


Duke Ellington: The Piano Prince and His Orchestra

Andrea Pinkney and Brian Pinkney


Strange Fruit

Gary Golio and Charlotte Riley-Webb


Jazz Day: The Making of a Famous Photograph

Roxane Orgill and Francis Vallejo


How Jelly Roll Morton Invented Jazz

Jonah Winter and Keith Mallett


A Listen to Jazz

Colleen Hord


Esquivel! Space-Age Sound Artist

Susan Wood and Duncan Tonatiuh


Michael Discovers The Secrets Of Jazz

Maurice Dogué


Jazz Music History

Kenny Abdo