Animals - Fish Books

Children's Encyclopedia of Sharks

Claudia Martin


National Geographic Readers: Sharks!

Anne Schreiber



Christopher Franceschelli and Peski Studio


Encyclopedia Prehistorica Sharks and Other Sea Monsters Pop-Up

Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda


Colorful Kingdom: How Animals Use Color to Surprise and Survive

Anna Omedes and Laura Fraile


Hello, World! Ocean Life

Jill McDonald


National Geographic Readers: Sharks!: 100 Fun Facts about...

Stephanie Warren Drimmer


Some Parts are NOT for Sharing

Julie K. Federico and Eddie Russell


Fly Guy Presents: Sharks

Tedd Arnold


Great White Shark

Claire Saxby and Cindy Lane


My Little Golden Book about Martin Luther King Jr.

Bonnie Bader and Sue Cornelison


Eyewitness Fish



Amazing Sharks!

Sarah L. Thomson


Sharks (a Day in the Life): What Do Great Whites,...

Neon Squid, Carlee Jackson, et al.



Jaye Garnett and Jenny Palmer


The Secret Life of Oceans

Moira Butterfield and Vivian Mineker


We Both Read-Sharks!

Sindy McKay, Wendy Smith, et al.


Anglerfish: The Seadevil of the Deep

Elaine M. Alexander and Fiona Fogg


The Ultimate Shark Field Guide: The Ocean Explorer's Handbook

Thomas Nelson and Julius Csotonyi