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In 2013, Megan Boyle was unhappy with the life she was living and wanted to document it on the internet for an audience. Her hope was that if she documented each thought and action on the internet, then she would begin to behave in a manner more appropriate to the life she wanted to live. She needed a judge and a jury to see her crimes and non-crimes, her actions and thoughts, and her life. The results are an illuminating text of great length with poetic insight on every page. It is a reading experience that leaves a little bit of Megan Boyle inside of you long after you have finished reading it. This is akin to Karl Ove Knausgard's My Struggle and David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, yet totally different and new--and it is a book of daring length.

Drugs, love, home, parents, friends, life, death, work, and the internet. LIVEBLOG is an historical text, extremely unique and shockingly human.

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$21.95  $20.19
Tyrant Books
Publish Date
September 25, 2018
6.0 X 1.7 X 8.9 inches | 2.04 pounds
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About the Author

Megan Boyle (b. 1985) lives in Baltimore. She has been published by Thought Catalog, 3: AM, Pop Serial, and other venues.


"As a fan of LIVEBLOG from back when it was still digital, so I've had quite a while to compose my thoughts on it. The depiction of ennui in Boyle's prose remains unrivaled; Her inspirational dedication to the liveblog project has brought one of the most empathetic books of the year." -Jean-Luc Goyard, @idiom666---Jean-Luc Goyard
"I worked at a pizza parlor with Megan Boyle. I used to just think of her as the woman who made the pizza but now i think of her as a friend i can trust, the way i'd trust a neighbor or a tenant. LIVEBLOG is a work full of integrity, and Megan Moyle is a writer full of integrity." -Joseph Grantham, Tom Sawyer--Joseph Grantham
"Bold, honest, relentless. A shocking insight into the mind of a complete sociopath." - @displayglancer
"Pushing confessional writing to its limits, LIVEBLOG forces everyone to be aware of their roles, in relation to each other. I am the watcher and Megan is the watched and between us is a distance. It is akin to Marina Abramovic in the MoMA, and Amanda Bynes' twitter. LIVEBLOG is life on display. LIVEBLOG is a commitment. It is the final frontier. After this, we must find something else. Or not." -Gabby Bess, Broadly--Gabby Bess
"I read the first 30 pages first thing this morning while drinking coffee in bed. I feel really awake now and I think that's more from the book than the coffee." -Ben Collins, Stephanie--Ben Collins
"You may not know whether it's pronounced 'live' or 'live', and that won't dampen how Liveblog helps you notice you're peculiar. You are as obsessive, self-conscious, intriguing, confused, and curious as Boyle is. You probably just didn't write 269,000 words documenting why." -William Kaye, @williamkaye_--William Kaye
"I heard I'm a character in this book, which I did not read. I haven't read a book in over a year and I do not plan on reading another book in the future." -Sam Cooke, visual artist--Sam Cooke
"Megan Boyle attempts the impossible: a to-the-minute description of everything that happens to her. Like Zeno's arrow that never reaches its target, the project is truly impossible, but in the margins we find something better: a life, a struggle, an irrepressible style." -Michael Hessel-Mial, greatest poet alive--Michael Hessel-Mial
"Megan Boyle has written the Bible for the 21st century. Like the other Bible, it contains just about everything-- love, fights, failures, insecurities, moms and dads, strange observations, hermeticism, and meaning. LIVEBLOG is a painfully honest and raw record of a person's life, filtered through a keyboard and not much else." -Juliet Escoria, Black Cloud--Juliet Escoria
"Megan Boyle is Edie Sedgwick but she gets out of the bottom of the pool. She comes back to life. She outlives Andy." --Elizabeth Ellen, author of Person/a--Elizabeth Ellen
I can't think of a better way to ruin your life than doing exactly this. Somehow Megan came out of the experience alive and with most of her friends (the good ones, at least), and with a book that isn't just 900 descriptions of meals. This is definitely the only time I've ever thought of a writer as heroic. Yep, Megan most certainly is the strongest heroine in the alt lit scene. -Thomas Morton, Vice
"I've said it before and I'll say it again: Megan Boyle is a genius. Long an online legend and a mythological beast, LIVEBLOG is a masterpiece. It is going to change things in this boring ass world of books." -Scott McClanahan, The Sarah Book--Scott McClanahan