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Kids’ Summer Reading Favorites from DK

Camp DK is how curious kids spend their summer! From dinosaurs to the great outdoors, we’ve got the right book for every reader.

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Book cover of The Reading Adventure

Packed with reviews, recommendations, and exclusive author interviews, this must-read for young book lovers will inspire them to discover classics beyond the curriculum and see themselves on the page. Written in collaboration with We Need Diverse Books.

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Book cover for You vs The World

Inspired and informed by real events from Bear Grylls' own life, this brilliant book gives children ages 8–12 the tools they need to survive and thrive in any environment, whether braving the elements or standing up to a school bully.

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Book cover of The Frozen Worlds

Polar bears, penguins, and ice glide across the pages of this colorful book, written by wildlife expert Jason Bittel, which combines gorgeous illustrations and photos to help young enthusiasts learn all about the Arctic and Antarctic.

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Book cover of 1000 Hours Outside

Match screen time with green time! No matter how busy you are, this book gives you all the ideas, photos, activity instructions, and inspiration you need to get outdoors with your family all year round. Written by Ginny Yurich, founder of the 1000 Hours Outside movement.

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Book cover of Timelines of Nature

Ever wondered how a chimpanzee spends its day? Full of exciting visual timelines covering minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years, this book reveals our planet’s rich natural history and its life cycles in an entirely new way.

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Book cover of Eyewitness National Parks

This picture-packed guide to all 63 US national parks will teach young nature enthusiasts to appreciate the unique history, natural wonders, animals, and plants of each park, from the geyser-rich Yellowstone to the watery Everglades.

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Book cover of Growing Up Powerful

Filled with helpful advice, Q&As between experts and girls around the world, and fun quizzes, this guide has the inside scoop on all things girlhood, and gives tweens and teens the tools they need to become their most confident selves.

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