Poetry Books

Apple: (Skin to the Core)

Eric Gansworth


Nearer My Freedom: The Interesting Life of Olaudah Equiano by...

Lesley Younge and Monica Edinger



Laurie Halse Anderson


19 Varieties of Gazelle: Poems of the Middle East

Naomi Shihab Nye


Lady Sunflower: Stories, Songs, and Poems from the Desk of...

Sierra Shuck-Sparer and Chloe Tyler


Abuela, Don't Forget Me

Rex Ogle


For Every One (Reprint)

Jason Reynolds


The Denim Diaries: A Memoir

Laurie Boyle Crompton



Makenzie Campbell


How the Boogeyman Became a Poet

Tony Keith Jr


Coffee Days Whiskey Nights

Cyrus Parker and Parker Lee


Wearing My Mother's Heart

Sophia Thakur


Blue Ink Tears: A Collection of Poems

Roberto Germán


Inheritance: A Visual Poem

Elizabeth Acevedo and Andrea Pippins


Enchanted Air: Two Cultures, Two Wings: A Memoir (Reprint)

Margarita Engle and Edel Rodriguez


Augusta Savage: The Shape of a Sculptor's Life

Marilyn Nelson