History - Modern Books

83 Days in Mariupol: A War Diary

Don Brown


Patient Zero (Revised Edition)

Marilee Peters


Smash the Patriarchy: A Graphic Novel

Marta Breen and Jenny Jordahl


Flags of Our Fathers

Ron Powers and James Bradley


Female, Gifted, and Black: Awesome Art and Literary Pioneers...

M. J. Fievre and Becca Anderson


The Book of Awesome Black Women: Sheroes, Boundary Breakers,...

Becca Anderson and M. J. Fievre


I Am a Seal Team Six Warrior: Memoirs of an American Soldier

Stephen Templin and Howard E Wasdin


Navy Seal Dogs: My Tale of Training Canines for Combat

Mike Ritland, Gary Brozek, et al.


World War I: The Great War to End All Wars

Julie Knutson and Micah Rauch


The Clever Teens' Guide to Nazi Germany

Felix Rhodes


The Clever Teens' Guide to World War Two

Felix Rhodes


Globalization: Why We Care about Faraway Events

Carla Mooney and Samuel Carbaugh


Awesome Battles for Kids: World War I

Ryan Rhoderick


100 World's Greatest Speeches





The Space Race: How the Cold War Put Humans on the Moon

Matthew Brenden Wood and Samuel Carbaugh


The Digital Age

Craig Boutland