Animals - General

When Dogs Heal: Powerful Stories of People Living with HIV...

Robert Garofalo, Jesse Freidin, et al.


A Dog in the Cave: The Wolves Who Made Us Human

Kay Frydenborg



Cynthia Rylant


Bonded by Battle

Nancy Roe Pimm


Consider the Platypus: Evolution Through Biology's Most...

Maggie Ryan Sandford and Rodica Prato


My First Book of Dinosaur Comparisons: From Heights and...

Sara Hurst and Ana Seixas


Miniature Schnauzer

Jeanette Wilson


Sloth Journal - Slow Down: Enjoy the Moment (Journal /...

Publications International Ltd and New Seasons


Navy Seal Dogs: My Tale of Training Canines for Combat

Mike Ritland, Gary Brozek, et al.


Cats: The Breeds, History, and Folklore of the Domestic Cat

Publications International Ltd