Social Themes - Death, Grief, Bereavement

Cures for Heartbreak

Margo Rabb


More Than Friends: A Saving Grace Novel

Katherine Spencer


The Burying Beetle

Ann Kelley


Dying to Go Viral

Sylvia McNicoll



Cj Lyons


The One and Only Jack Chant

Rosie Borella


You Have Seven Messages

Stewart Lewis


Beneath the Rainbow: Freya's Story

Lisa Shambrook



Alyxandra Harvey-Fitzhenry


Polish Princess

Gail Engebretson


Tribute to Another Dead Rock Star

Randy Powell


Whatever Doesn't Kill You

Elizabeth Wennick


Nix Minus One PB

Jill MacLean


All Rivers Flow to the Sea

Alison McGhee


Fault Lines

D. J. McCune


Local Girl Swept Away

Ellen Wittlinger


Needed: Best Friend

Jessica Nelson


Resurrecting Sunshine

Lisa A Koosis


Moving on

Nicole Bross



Stephen Davies


The Ghosts We Keep

Mason Deaver


All the Things We Do in the Dark

Saundra Mitchell


Crossing the Stream

Elizabeth Irene-Baitie