Social Themes - Death, Grief, Bereavement

Away We Go

Emil Ostrovski


Saving Grace

Katherine Spencer


Dying to Go Viral

Sylvia McNicoll


Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Jill Wolfson


Donuts in an Empty Field

Rachel Barnard


Ice Tapestries

Aubie Brennan


Ketchup Clouds Lib/E

Annabel Pitcher


Beneath the Rainbow: Freya's Story

Lisa Shambrook



Alyxandra Harvey-Fitzhenry


Me & Death: An Afterlife Adventure

Richard Scrimger


Whatever Doesn't Kill You

Elizabeth Wennick


Nix Minus One PB

Jill MacLean


All Rivers Flow to the Sea

Alison McGhee


The Magic Swamp

J. T. Alexandry and Marty Ayo


The Other Side of Blue

Valerie O. Patterson


Missing Girls

Lois Metzger


Needed: Best Friend

Jessica Nelson


The Arrival of Someday Lib/E

Jen Malone


Wider Than the Sky

Katherine Rothschild


Resurrecting Sunshine

Lisa A Koosis



Tanya Boteju


The Things She's Seen

Ezekiel Kwaymullina and Ambelin Kwaymullina


The Ghosts We Keep

Mason Deaver


The Voice in My Head

Dana L. Davis