Legends, Myths, Fables - General

The Fairies of the Hollow Hills

Jan Kuśmirek


Sea Hearts

Margo Lanagan



Saundra Mitchell


No Good Deed

Kara Connolly


Valkyrie Rising

Ingrid Paulson


Dark Ride

Todd Loyd


Marked by Fate: Origins

Melissa a. Craven, Rhonda Sermon, et al.


Mordec Raids England

Jillian Becker


The Magic Swamp

J. T. Alexandry and Marty Ayo


Superi: Retribution

Clint Thurmon and Christina R. R. Williams



Julia Golding


A Spark in the Shadows

Tim Cove


Peter Schlemihl, The Story Without An End, Hymns To The...

Adelbert Von Chamisso, Novalis, et al.



Diana Peterfreund


Soulswift Lib/E

Megan Bannen