Historical - United States - 20th Century

The Most Dazzling Girl in Berlin

Kip Wilson


Destination Unknown

Bill Konigsberg


Music from Another World

Robin Talley


On Beale Street

Ronald Kidd


Ghost in the Glass House

Carey Wallace


Cracking the Ice

David H. Hendrickson


The Leaving Year

Pam McGaffin


Daniel: Picking Up the Pieces

Peter Pactor


Memento Mortale

Angeline Walsh


Johnny Hunter

Richard Dumont


Stitching a Life: An Immigration Story

Mary Helen Fein


Show and Prove

Sofia Quintero


All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky

Joe R. Lansdale


Davenport House 5: For the Cause

Marie Silk


People of the Plague

T. Neill Anderson


Massacre of the Miners

T. Neill Anderson



Janet Fox


The Lucky Ones

Anna Godbersen


The Bomb

Theodore Taylor


Beautiful Days

Anna Godbersen


Velvet Undercover

Teri Brown


Heritage: A Johnny Hunter Novel

Richard L. Dumont