Historical - United States - 20th Century

The Big Burn

Jeanette Ingold


Wonder Show

Hannah Barnaby


Davenport House 5: For the Cause

Marie Silk


Welcome to Bombingham

Rhonda Lynn Rucker


The Goodbye Season

Marian Hale


All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky

Joe R. Lansdale



Jillian Larkin



Jillian Larkin


Nothing But Sky

Amy Trueblood


Beautiful Days

Anna Godbersen


The Lucky Ones

Anna Godbersen


The Canary Club

Sherry D. Ficklin


Smoke and Key

Kelsey Sutton


Johnny Hunter

Richard Dumont


Beatrice on Her Own, Volume 3

Rosemary Zibart and Odessa Sawyer


Be True to Me

Adele Griffin


Tell Me No Lies

Adele Griffin


People of the Plague

T. Neill Anderson


Heritage: A Johnny Hunter Novel

Richard L. Dumont


Malcolm and Me

Robin Farmer


Luck of the Titanic

Stacey Lee