Historical - United States - Civil War Period (1850-1877)

Dread Nation

Justina Ireland


A Sitting in St. James

Rita Williams-Garcia


Deathless Divide

Justina Ireland


Black Was the Ink

Michelle Coles and Justin Johnson


African Town

Irene Latham and Charles Waters


Oh, Freedom!

Francesco D'Adamo


Rifles for Watie

Harold Keith


How I Found the Strong

Margaret McMullan


Out of Slavery: A Novel of Harriet Tubman

Carol Ann Trembath


Crossing Ebenezer Creek

Tonya Bolden


Neptune's Honor: A Story of Loyalty and Love

Pamela Bauer Mueller


March Toward the Thunder

Joseph Bruchac


Ship of Souls

Zetta Elliott


Roots Four Zero

J. Darnell Johnson


The Green Soldier

James Edward Gore


The Caged Graves

Dianne K. Salerni


Children of Innocence

Allison Claire


Sophie's War: The Journal of Anna Sophie Franziska Guenther

Janice Shefelman and Tom Shefelman