Ghost Stories

North Carolina Ghosts and Legends

Nancy Roberts


The Ghost of 5 Mile Creek

Payne Schanski and Kurt Hershey


Ghost Wood Song Lib/E

Erica Waters


Wicked Lies

Michelle Areaux


Ghost at Dusk

Kevan Dale


Dark Awakening

G. W. Mullins


Just Kill Me

Adam Selzer


Where Echoes Lie

Shannon Schuren


The Assassin

Jacob Crawford


The Mark of Cain

Lindsey Barraclough


The Devils You Know

M. C. Atwood


Haunt Me

Liz Kessler


Ghosts of the Carolinas

Nancy Roberts


The Ghost of Sheppard's Inn

M. David


Nobody Knows But You Lib/E

Anica Mrose Rissi


Bad Latitude: A Jack Rackham Adventure

David Ebright


Girl Gone Ghost

Dawn Husted


The Ghost Chronicles 2

Marlo Berliner


The Haunting of the Antique Brooch

Hina Ansari


Walk of the Spirits

Richie Tankersley Cusick