Family - Multigenerational Books, Page 5

Daughters of Jubilation (Reprint)

Kara Lee Corthron


Demon's Land

Sarah Ferguson



Kiku Hughes


Like Sisters on the Homefront

Rita Williams-Garcia



Vanessa Lanang


Hattie Ever After

Kirby Larson


April and the Dragon Lady

Lensey Namioka


A Morning to Polish and Keep

Julie Lawson and Sheena Lott


Porcupine of Truth

Bill Konigsberg


The Next New Syrian Girl

Ream Shukairy


Secrets of the Casa Rosada

Alex Temblador


Redemption Prep

Samuel Miller


Amy of the Necromancers

Jimena I. Novaro


Ann of Sunflower Lane

Julie A. Sellers


And Then the Sky Exploded

David A. Poulsen


Wherever You Go

Heather Davis


The Salt in Our Blood

Ava Morgyn


Death Benefits

Sarah N. Harvey


Stranger Things Have Happened

Jeff Strand