Family - Multigenerational

Devils & Thieves

Jennifer Rush


Wolf on the Fold

Judith Clarke


The First Third

Will Kostakis


April and the Dragon Lady

Lensey Namioka


Here We Are Now

Jasmine Warga



Beckie Lindsey


The Ropemaker

Peter Dickinson


The Lost Songs

Caroline B. Cooney


Dig Too Deep

Amy Allgeyer


Death Benefits

Sarah N. Harvey


Orphan, Agent, Prima, Pawn

Elizabeth Kiem


Virginia, My Love

Michelle Kadama



Jo Knowles



Joanna Nadin



Cathleen Davitt Bell


The Last True Love Story

Brendan Kiely


Kahuna Kid: Happy in Hawaii

Robert Temple Frost



Lisa Colozza Cocca


A Voice In the Rain: Book Two of The Storm Tales

G. W. Tabbi Dorsey



Larkin Reed and Kelly Moore


Amber House

Kelly Moore, Larkin Reed, et al.