Family - Multigenerational

Devils & Thieves

Jennifer Rush


Here We Are Now

Jasmine Warga



M. E. Kerr


Secret Keeper

Mitali Perkins


Love for Two Lifetimes

Martina Boone


A Medal for Leroy

Michael Morpurgo


White Horse

Yan Ge


The Confusion of Laurel Graham

Adrienne Kisner


London Calling

Edward Bloor


A Morning to Polish and Keep

Julie Lawson and Sheena Lott


Death Benefits

Sarah N. Harvey


The Last True Love Story (Reprint)

Brendan Kiely




Virginia, My Love

Michelle Kadama


The Emperor of Any Place

Tim Wynne-Jones


Swan Dive

Brenda Hasuik


Postcards from No Man's Land

Aidan Chambers



Joan Bauer


Point de Retour

Allan Stratton


Secrets in the Sunset

Iria Misa


Barefoot Shadow

An Alfaya


Call Me Sinbad

Francisco Castro and Sara Valcárcel


Between Worlds 7

Lori Wolf-Heffner