Family - Alternative Family

The Murder Complex

Lindsay Cummings


The Paradox of Vertical Flight

Emil Ostrovski


No Place to Fall

Jaye Robin Brown


Happy Families

Tanita S. Davis


One More Step

Sheree Fitch


Rules for Life

Darlene Ryan


El Blanco: (bull's Eye) = White

Sarah N. Harvey


The Yo-Yo Prophet

Karen Krossing


Dead Little Mean Girl

Eva Darrows


Spirit Level

Sarah N. Harvey


Hell and High Water

Tanya Landman


The Way the Light Bends

Cordelia Jensen


Shadow Run

Adrianne Strickland and Michael Miller


Black Helicopters

Blythe Woolston


The Rise of Delilah

Meagan Dux


Tameka's New Dress

II Ronnie Sidney and Traci Van Wagoner


Burn Girl

Mandy Mikulencak


A Shot at Normal

Marisa Reichardt


Draw Me a Hero

N. K. Ashworth


The Hoodie Girl

Yuen Wright


Not Our Summer

Casie Bazay


A Constellation of Roses

Miranda Asebedo



Cynthia Weil


The Seventh World: Search for the Lost Keeper

Angie McMillen