Aimless: Memoirs of a Life in Transition

Charles Firecat Burnell


Time Machine 5: Civil War Secret Agent

Steve Perry and Alex Nino


Sphinx's Princess

Esther Friesner


Time Machine 16: Quest for the Cities of Gold

Richard Glatzer and Josรฉ Gonzalez Navaroo


Caravaggio: Painter on the Run

Marissa Moss


My 901: A Book of Short Stories and Poems

Robin Taylor Hall


Butterflies in the System

Jane Powell


Time Machine 13: The Secret of the Royal Treasure

Carol Gaskin and Ernie Colon


The Game of Hope

Sandra Gulland


The Teenage Diary of Jahanara

Subhadra Sen Gupta


A 38 Day Education

John E. Guzzardo


Rhesus Negative

B. L. MacKinnon


Joe's Adventures: "Fun on the River"

Joseph J. Dougherty


16 Years 2 Life

Jamie Morrison


Famous Men of Science

Sarah K Bolton



Manuela Santoni



Nadia Pace


Susanna's Quill

Julie Johnston


Good Kid in Trouble

Annette Whitaker-Moss