Con Artists, Hoaxes & Deceptions

Crônicas da Vida Real: A vida como ela é

Antônio Luiz Gomes


The Dacian Stones Speak

Paul Lachlan Mackendrick


Introduction to Internet Scams and Fraud - Credit Card Theft,...

John Davidson and Dueep J Singh


Murderous Minds Volume 2: Stories of Real Life Murderers that...

Ryan Becker and True Crime Seven



Les Beletsky, Dennis Paulson, et al.


Canyon Diablo

Zeke Crandall


Mystery: Notebook

Wild Pages Press


Marcus Wesson: The Horrific True Story Behind Fresno's Worst...

Ryan Becker, True Crime Seven, et al.


Masked: The unbelievable Harry Bensley

Duncan Say


Murderous Minds: 30 Stories of Real-Life Murderers That...

True Crime Seven, Kelly Gaines, et al.



Richard D. Mangone