One India, One Infrastructure: Water, Volume 1

MR Faiyaz Muhammed Pasha


Positive Markov Jump Linear Systems

Patrizio Colaneri and Paolo Bolzern


Arc of Conflict

MR Richard Everett Londgren


Spectroradiometric Detector Measurements: Part I-Ultraviolet...

Albert C. Parr, Thomas C. Larason, et al.


Regular Spectral Transmittance

Benjamin K. Tsai, Edward a. Early, et al.


Gas Flowmeter Calibrations with the Working Gas Flow Standard

John D Wright, Jean-Philippe Kayl, et al.


Tin Freezing-Point Standard - Srm 741a

U. S. Depatment of Commerce-Nist, Gregory F. Strouse, et al.


The Rightful Place of Science: Frankenstein

Megan Halpern, Joey Eschrich, et al.


The Watch Repairer's Manual

Henry B Fried


The Strength in Numbers: The New Science of Team Science

Jan Youtie and Barry Bozeman


Introduction to Engineering Research

Wendy C. Crone