Dublin Gulch: A History of the Eagle Gold Mine

Michael Gates


Exploring the Historic San Juan Triangle

P. David Smith


The Great American Turquoise Rush, 1890-1910, Hardcover

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Underground Birmingham: Images from Birmingham's Iron Ore Mines

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How To Smelt Your Gold & Silver

Jr. Hank Chapman


Introduction to Mine Surveying

Staley and William W. Staley


Back to Basics: How to Move Dirt Efficiently

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Eldred D. Wilson


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Taking the High Road: Leadville to Vail in 100 Years

Randall Howlett


Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona

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Prospecting For Gemstones and Minerals

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How To Mill Your Gold & Silver

Jr. Hank Chapman


Carrying Coal to Columbus: Mining in the Hocking Valley

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Gold in Idaho

Idaho Bureau Of Mines


Gold in Idaho

W. W. Staley