Engineering (General)

101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

Matthew Frederick


Machinery's Handbook: Toolbox

Erik Oberg, Holbrook Horton, et al.


Machinery's Handbook: Large Print

Erik Oberg, Holbrook Horton, et al.


The Unwritten Laws of Engineering

James G Skakoon


Machinery's Handbook Guide: A Guide to Tables, Formulas, &...

John Milton Amiss, Henry Ryffel, et al.


Data-Driven Science and Engineering: Machine Learning,...

Steven L. Brunton and J. Nathan Kutz


Schaum's Outline of Electric Circuits, Seventh Edition

Joseph Edminister and Mahmood Nahvi


Mastering Technical Sales: The Sales Engineer's Handbook

Aron Bohlig and John Care


Machinery's Handbook Pocket Companion: Quick Access to Basic...

Christopher McCauley and Richard Pohanish


Basic Drafting: A Manual for Beginning Drafters

Leland Scott


Architecting Spacecraft with SysML: A Model-based Systems...

Sanford Friedenthal and Christopher Oster


Introduction to Engineering Design: Book 12, 2nd edition:...

James W. Dally, Stanley Reeves, et al.


Eight Amazing Engineering Stories: Using the Elements to...

Patrick Ryan, Bill Hammack, et al.


Engineering Mathematics

K. A. Stroud and Dexter Booth


Foundations of Engineering (Revised)

Mark T Holtzapple and W Dan Reece


Engineering Notebook

Notable Notebooks