Sociology - Marriage & Family

Stranger Care: A Memoir of Loving What Isn't Ours

Sarah Sentilles


Mothers: An Essay on Love and Cruelty

Jacqueline Rose


I Had a Miscarriage: A Memoir, a Movement

Jessica Zucker


Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage

Stephanie Coontz


The Tragedy of Heterosexuality

Jane Ward


The Turnaway Study: Ten Years, a Thousand Women, and the...

Diana Greene Foster


Regretting Motherhood: A Study

Orna Donath


Pressure Cooker: Why Home Cooking Won't Solve Our Problems...

Sinikka Elliott, Sarah Bowen, et al.


$2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America

Kathryn J. Edin and H. Luke Shaefer


The Second Shift: Working Families and the Revolution at Home

Arlie Hochschild and Anne Machung


Love, Money, and Parenting: How Economics Explains the Way We...

Matthias Doepke and Fabrizio Zilibotti


The Future of Christian Marriage

Mark Regnerus


Allies and Obstacles: Disability Activism and Parents of...

Richard Scotch, Pamela Block, et al.