Ethnic Studies - Native American Studies

Native American Ethnobotany

Daniel E. Moerman


Keepers of the Animals: Native American Stories and Wildlife...

Joseph Bruchac and Michael J Caduto


Cherokee Reference Grammar

Brad Montgomery-Anderson


Telling Stories the Kiowa Way

Gus Palmer


Comparing Mythologies

Tomson Highway


Structures of Indifference: An Indigenous Life and Death in a...

Mary Jane Logan McCallum and Adele Perry


The Sacred Tree

Phil Lane, Lee Brown, et al.


Indian Women of Early Mexico

Stephanie Wood, Susan Schroeder, et al.


Gift of Power: The Life and Teachings of a Lakota Medicine...

Richard Erdoes and Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer


From the Deep Woods to Civilization

Charles Alexander Eastman


Healing Plants: Medicine of the Florida Seminole Indians

Susan Enns Stans and Alice Micco Snow


Dinéjí Na`nitin: Navajo Traditional Teachings and History

Robert S. McPherson


Food Plants of Interior First Peoples

Nancy J. Turner