Folklore & Mythology

Popular Stories of Ancient Egypt

Gaston C. Maspero


Handbook of Inca Mythology

Paul Richard Steele


Beauties and Beasts

Betsy Hearne


Sitting at the Feet of the Past: Retelling the North American...

Gary D. Schmidt and Donald R. Hettinga


South Asian Folklore: A Handbook

Frank J. Korom


Caribbean Folklore: A Handbook

Donald R. Hill


African Dilemma Tales

William Bascom


Giants of Canada's Ottawa Valley

Joan Finnigan and John Finnigan


How the Morning and Evening Stars Came to Be: And Other...

Richard Blue Talk and Jerome Fourstar



Gary Jeffrey


Mythological Trees (the Esoteric Handbook)

Geraldo Dobberstein


Clever Folk: Tales of Wisdom, Wit, and Wonder

Ruthilde M. Kronberg


American Vampires

Linda R Baker