Anthropology - Physical

Human Biological Diversity

Daniel E Brown


Human Adaptation and Accommodation (Enlarged and Revised)

Andres Roberto Frisancho


Ecology of Sensing


The Reproductive Biology of the Chelonia

Gerald Kuchling


The Growth of Humanity

Barry Bogin


Quest: The Essence of Humanity

Charles Pasternak


The Economics of Population Growth

Julian Lincoln Simon


The Jumping Book

Maya Glass


The Evolution and Genetics of Latin American Populations

Francisco M. Salzano, Maria C. Bortolini, et al.


Sexual Dimorphism in Homo Sapiens: A Question of Size

David Finkel, Walter Leutenegger, et al.


Los Cinco Sentidos: Five Senses

Holly Karapetkova and Jean Feldman


Essentials of Biological Anthropology: Selected Chapters

Charles Susanne, Esther Rebato, et al.