Spectroscopy & Spectrum Analysis

Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry (2019)

Ian Fleming and Dudley Williams


Basic Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy

J. Michael Hollas


Vibration Spectrum Analysis

Steve Goldman


Advances in X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Analysis

Zhongrui (jerry) Li


Organic Structures from Spectra

A. M. Magill, L. D. Field, et al.


Bioanalytical Chemistry (Second Edition)

Andreas Manz, Dimitri Iossifidis, et al.


Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic...

Laszlo Kurti and Barbara Czako


Solid-State Electrochemistry: Essential Course Notes and...

Abdelkader Hammou and Samuel Georges


Mass Spectrometry: A Textbook

JΓΌrgen H. Gross


Corrosion Analysis

Michael Dornbusch