Life Sciences - Zoology - Invertebrates

The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating

Elisabeth Tova Bailey


Spiders and Their Kin

Herbert W. Levi, Lorna R. Levi, et al.


This Is a Book to Read with a Worm

Jodi Wheeler-Toppen and Margaret McCartney


Florida's Fabulous Spiders


Microscopic life in Sphagnum

Marjorie Hingley, Diana Herrett, et al.



Martin Wallen


Invertebrate Zoology: A Laboratory Manual

Alan R Holyoak


Land Snails of Belize, Central America: A Remarkable...

Daniel C. Dourson, Ronald S. Caldwell, et al.


Walking Sideways: The Remarkable World of Crabs

Judith S. Weis


Zooplankton of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts: A Guide to Their...

William S. Johnson, Dennis M. Allen, et al.


Lizards and Snakes of Alabama

Craig Guyer, Robert H. Mount, et al.



Zakaria Erzinclioglu


Aleocharine Rove Beetles of British Columbia: A Hotspot of...

Jan Klimaszewski, Caroline Bourdon, et al.


Flash Cards of Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America

Jr. J. Reese Voshell and Amy Bartlett Wright


Unusual Life Cycles of Invertebrates

Jaclyn Jaycox



Stephen M. Shuster, Richard C. Brusca, et al.