Physics - Relativity

Quantum Gravity

Claus Kiefer


Classical Mechanics and Relativity

Harald J W Muller-Kirsten



Albert Einstein


Una Breve Storia Di Ora

Amrit Srecko Sorli


Classical and Quantum Universe: Einsteinian Picture

Giovanni Montani, Francesco Cianfrani, et al.


Beyond Einstein Gravity: The Minimal Geometric Deformation...

Roberto Casadio and Jorge Ovalle


Teoria da Existência: Schrödinger e a Filosofia

Daniel Bigatto Fonseca


The Standard Model in a Nutshell

Dave Goldberg


Special Relativity: From Einstein to Strings [With CDROM]

Patricia M. Schwarz and John H. Schwarz


Dynamics and Relativity

Jeffrey Forshaw and Gavin Smith


Relativity, Groups, Particles: Special Relativity and...

Roman U Sexl and Helmuth K Urbantke


Not Relativity: Just Weird Gravity

Syd Wilcox


Extra Dimensions in Space and Time

Itzhak Bars


An Introduction to General Relativity

L. P. Hughston and K. P. Tod


This Book Is from the Future: A Journey Through Portals,...

Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman


The Special Theory of Relativity

Dennis Morris