Mass and Weight

Arthur Best


UFOs and Anti-Gravity

Leonard G. Cramp



Kip S. Thorne, Charles W. Misner, et al.


Gravity: A Very Short Introduction

Timothy Clifton


The Grip of Gravity: The Quest to Understand the Laws of...

Prabhakar Gondhalekar


The Mathematical Theory of Relativity

Arthur S Eddington


The Ascent of Gravity

Marcus Chown


GRAVITY CONTROL with Present Technology

Frederick Alzofon



George Gamow


Three Roads to Quantum Gravity (Revised)

Lee Smolin


Quantum Gravity

Carlo Rovelli


Baby Loves Gravity!

Ruth Spiro and Irene Chan


Loop Quantum Gravity for Everyone

Jorge Pullin and Rodolfo Gambini


Astronomy Galaxy Notebook: Gold Stars - 120-Page Lined Journal

Nifty Notebooks and Inter Galactic