Life Sciences - Evolution

Oxford Series in Ecology and Evolution

Jens Krause and Graeme Ruxton


The Origin and Evolution of Mammals

T. S. Kemp


The Causes of Evolution

John Burdon Haldane


Natural Inheritance

Francis Galton


Everything Has a History

J. B. S. Haldane


Bones, Stones and Molecules: Out of Africa and Human Origins

Colin P. Groves and David W. Cameron


Evolutionary Theory and Victorian Culture

Martin Fichman


Unintelligent Design

Mark Perakh


Sexual Conflict

Goran Arnqvist, Locke Rowe, et al.


A Skew in Evolution

David Howells


God by Evolution

Michael Jarvis


Environmental Microbiology

W. D. Grant and P. E. Long


Evolution as Entropy: Toward a Unified Theory of Biology

Daniel R. Brooks and E. O. Wiley


Relentless Evolution

John N. Thompson