Life Sciences - Evolution

Journey of the Universe

Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker


Into the Cool: Energy Flow, Thermodynamics, and Life

Eric D. Schneider and Dorion Sagan


Origins of Life

Freeman Dyson


On the Origin of Species: The Science Classic

Charles Darwin and Tom Butler-Bowdon


Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism

Aron Ra


River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life

Richard Dawkins


Heretic: One Scientist's Journey from Darwin to Design

Matti Leisola and Jonathan Witt


Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea

Carl Zimmer


Climbing Mount Improbable

Richard Dawkins


The Human Instinct: How We Evolved to Have Reason,...

Kenneth R. Miller


Domesticated: Evolution in a Man-Made World

Richard C Francis


The Invertebrate Tree of Life

Gonzalo Giribet and Gregory D. Edgecombe


Population Wars

Greg Graffin


Homo Deus Low Price CD: A Brief History of Tomorrow

Yuval Noah Harari


Acquiring Genomes: A Theory of the Origins of Species

Dorion Sagan and Lynn Margulis