Religion & Science

God and the Universe

Arthur Gibson


Origin Stories Conflict: Creation & Evolution

Dan a. Wonderly II


Who God Created the Woman to Be

Ifeanyi Chukwujama


The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise: A Fragment

Charles Babbage


Humanity and the Cosmos: Proceedings of the Brock...

Daniel McArthur and Corey Mulvihill


The Science of God's Existence

John Anthony


By Design: Science and the Search for God

Larry Witham


Science and Spirituality

John a. Ryan


Rachael's Lamentation/Birth of Christ: Old Testament...

Goodnews D. Adolphus Rev


Proof of God Within and Beyond Science

Charles De Silva


In Search of an Army



A Case for the Existence of God

Dean L. Overman


Pan del รกrbol del Edรฉn

Walter Hilliger