Religion & Science

Science & Faith: Friends or Foes?

C John Collins


Dinosaurs, Volcanoes, and Holy Writ

James L. Hayward


Evolution Claptrap-Ancient and Modern

Jr. Thomas F. Harkins


In Good Faith: Questioning Religion and Atheism

Scott A. Shay


Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith

Russell Howell and James Bradley


The Patristic Understanding of Creation: An Anthology of...

William A. Dembski, Wayne J. Downs, et al.


Afterlife: Near Death Experiences, Neuroscience, Quantum...

Allie Anderson, Donna Howell, et al.


The Deniable Darwin and Other Essays

David Berlinski


From Science to God: A Physicist's Journey Into the Mystery...

Peter Russell and Peter Russell


The Gap Fact and Out-Of-Whack Creation Scientism

Michael Pearl


Ebós no Ritual do Candomblé: Vol. 2 - Ebós para Prosperidade

Anderson de Oxossi and Muniz de Jagun