Psychology of Religion

Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning

Viktor E. Frankl


Why We Believe in God(s): A Concise Guide to the Science of...

J Anderson Thomson and Clare Aukofer


Insurrection: To Believe Is Human to Doubt, Divine

Peter Rollins


Stages of Faith: The Psychology of Human Development

James W. Fowler


The Future of an Illusion (The Standard)

Sigmund Freud


Psychic Wholeness and Healing, Second Edition

Anna A. Terruwe and Conrad W. Baars


African American Religion

Eddie S Glaude Jr


Born to Believe: God, Science, and the Origin of Ordinary and...

Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman


Viktor Frankl and the Book of Job

Marshall H. Lewis


Intimate Alien: The Hidden Story of the UFO

David J. Halperin


On Satan, Demons, and Psychiatry

Ragy R. Girgis


Conscious Matrix: Our Portal to God

Nancy J. Woolf


Critical Religion Reader

Critical Religion Association


A Psychology of the Soul: From the Infinite into the Finite

Herbert Bruce Puryear and Matt Davis