Judaism - History Books

Who by Fire: Leonard Cohen in the Sinai

Matti Friedman


The Necessity of Exile: Essays from a Distance

Shaul Magid


Tree of Souls: The Mythology of Judaism

Howard Schwartz and Caren Loebel-Fried


End of Days Ethics, Tradition, and Power in Israel

Mikhael Manekin


Stranger in the Desert: A Family Story

Jordan Salama


Why the Jews?: The Reason for Antisemitism (Reissue)

Joseph Telushkin and Dennis Prager


The No-State Solution: A Jewish Manifesto

Daniel Boyarin


Survival in Auschwitz

Primo Levi


They Must Go

Meir Kahane and Rabbi Meir Kahane


Judaism: A Very Short Introduction

Norman Solomon


Family Guide to Celebration of the Jewish Holidays

Linda Chesler and Leonard Chesler


Zionism: An Emotional State

Derek J. Penslar


This Is My God

Herman Wouk


In Search of Israel: The History of an Idea

Michael Brenner