Judaism - General Books

The Jewish Cookbook

Leah Koenig


Man's Search for Meaning, Gift Edition

Viktor E Frankl


The New Joys of Yiddish: Completely Updated

Leo Rosten and Ro Blechman


Man's Search for Meaning

Viktor E Frankl


The Prophet

Kahlil Gibran


Even God Had Bad Parenting Days

Alicia Jo Rabins


The Newish Jewish Encyclopedia: From Abraham to Zabar's and...

Mark Oppenheimer, Tablet, et al.


I and Thou

Martin Buber


Yes to Life: In Spite of Everything

Viktor E Frankl


Passover Haggadah

Elie Wiesel and Mark Podwal


A Place at the Table: Faith, Hope and Hospitality

Miranda Harris


The Book of Enoch the Prophet


Man Is Not Alone: A Philosophy of Religion

Abraham Joshua Heschel


Yiddish Folktales

Beatrice Weinreich


Dignity of Difference: How to Avoid the Clash of...

Jonathan Sacks