Christian Ministry - Evangelism

The Master Plan of Evangelism (Repackaged)

Robert E. Coleman


Christian Mission in the Modern World

John Stott and Christopher J. H. Wright


Taking Men Alive: Evangelism on the Front Lines

James I. Wilson


Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out: Evangelism the Way You...

Steven A. McKinion and D. Scott Hildreth


Exploring the Land: Discovering Ways for Unreached People to...

Kim Felder, Steve Hawthorne, et al.


Conversational Evangelism

Norman Geisler and David Geisler


Sent: Living a Life That Invites Others to Jesus

Heather Holleman and Ashley Holleman


Sodom Had No Bible

Leonard Ravenhill


Evangelism Explosion 4th Edition

D. James Kennedy


On Evangelism

Charles H. Spurgeon