Waiting for God

Simone Weil


The Courage to Be

Paul Tillich


This Sacred Life

Norman Wirzba


Kingdom Ethics, 2nd Ed.: Following Jesus in Contemporary Context

David P. Gushee and Glen H. Stassen


Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life

Karen Armstrong


Blacks and Jews in America: An Invitation to Dialogue

Jacques Berlinerblau and Terrence L. Johnson


Salvation: Jesus's Mission and Ours

John B. Cobb


The Eucharist and Social Justice

Margaret Scott


The Prophet's Pulpit: Commentaries on the State of Islam

Khaled Abou El Fadl


Pirke Avot: Timeless Wisdom for Modern Life

William Berkson


Prophetic Imagination: 40th Anniversary Edition

Walter Brueggemann


Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth: 12...

Thaddeus J. Williams


Reparations: A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair

Duke L. Kwon and Gregory Thompson


Racial Justice and the Catholic Church

Bryan N. Massingale


Introducing Moral Theology: True Happiness and the Virtues

William C. III Mattison