Christian Church - Canon & Ecclesiastical Law

Matrimonial Trials of Henry VIII

Henry A Kelly


The Humiliation of Sinners

Mary C. Mansfield


The Seal of Confession

John R. Roos


Presumptions of Law in Marriage Cases

John Joseph Manning


The Third Order Secular of Saint Francis

Gerald Reinmann


Constitutions for Diocesan Courts

William E. Vaughan


The Master of Novices

James Lover


Cooperation in Crime

Louis Anthony Eltz


The Obligation of the Missa Pro Populo

Thomas Donnellan


Censorship of Special Classes of Books

Nathaniel Sonntage


Ordination in Societies of the Common Life

John G. Nugent C. M.


The Sacred Congregation of the Sacraments

Robert F. Sheehy


Anselm of Lucca as a Canonist

Szabolcs Anzelm Szuromi


Incardination and Excardination of Seculars; 1941

James Thomas McBride