Biblical Meditations - New Testament

Our Way and Our Life: Christ in His Mysteries

Blessed Columba Marmion, Abbot Marmion, et al.


1 Thessalonians: 30 Day Devotional

Alec Motyer


The Fullness of Christ

John Howard Yoder


Journeying with Matthew

James Woodward, Mark Pryce, et al.


Christmas Sermons

Friedrich Schleiermacher


Mark: Meditations for a Community

Adrienne Von Speyr


The Passion of Christ

Martin Luther


The Living Word

James D. G. Dunn


The Our Father: Do Not Heap Up Empty Phrases

Carlo Maria Martini


Jeanne Guyon's Interior Faith

Jeanne de la Mothe Guyon


The Passion of Jesus and Its Hidden Meaning: A Scriptural...

Rev James Groenings, James Groenings, et al.


Discovering John

John Ashton


The Accounts of the Passion: Meditations

Carlo Maria Martini


Scandalous Stories: A Sort of Commentary on Parables

Daniel Emery Price and Erick Sorensen